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At Trio, we are driven by a single goal - to provide a new path to homeownership that's affordable, realistic, sustainable, and secure for American households.
We partnered with Money Management International (MMI) to ensure that every one of our customers has the best opportunity in achieving this goal. Partnering with MMI's best in class homeownership counseling for every Trio customer is a recipe for success!
To reach a counselor call 877-349-4447.

Useful Resources & COVID-19 Help

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MMI unifies the housing industry by helping individuals and families achieve and sustain homeownership.
Three generations of women
If you are struggling to make your lease payment, we can help. Contact a counselor at 877-349-4447.
If you are impacted by COVID-19 and need assistance, we can help.
Contact a counselor at 877-349-4447.
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First Year Support

Congratulations on your new home starting on your path to becoming a homeowner. Trio's lease to own program is a safe and affordable way to start getting ready to purchase a home. Trio's partnership with MMI provides direction and assistance to help you meet your goals with your home. MMI's team will be in contact with you throughout the year to ensure you stay on the path towards success. And, if you ever need assistance, feel free to reach out to our counselors.  Email or call 877-349-4447.

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