First Month - Post Purchase


You worked hard and purchased your home from Trio!  Now it’s time to continue making your monthly payments that help you eventually pay-off your mortgage.


Also, it is very common for your mortgage to be sold or transferred to a different servicer at some point over the life of the loan. This means you may get notices telling you to send payments to a new company or new address. 

Don’t worry, though - we are here to help!  Look for a call from us in the next week or so and we can help answer any questions you might have.


The most important thing is making your payment on-time each month.  Enrolling in ACH will setup an automatic mortgage payment every month. Most successful homeowners sign up for automatic payments in order to make sure they don’t miss a payment.

Don't wait to make your payment until you receive a statement.  Your closing documents include a first month's payment coupon.  Use it or go online to the lender's provided website to make your payment.


We look forward to talking to you soon!

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