Fourth Month - Post Purchase

Smooth Sailing!

By now, things should be settling down into a steady routine with your new mortgage. We will be giving you a call next month to catch up with you! Look for a call from us then.


And over the next 8 months, we’ll keep sharing tips and ideas on how to strengthen your finances, build equity in your home and prepare for future financial decisions. Here are some of the topics we’ll cover:


  1. Managing credit scores.

  2. Home repair and maintenance tips that build value in your home.

  3. Handling credit card debt.

  4. Building savings.


Remember that the cornerstone of your plan is your budget - which, we’ve been talking about since Month 1. Take a quick look to make sure you’re rocking your budget and have it aligned with your future life goals.


Sometimes we hit a bump in the road or have an unexpected circumstance come up.  Because you have a solid plan in place, we believe you can handle most of these, but feel free to reach out to your coach if you need someone to bounce a question off of. Just email, call or click on the link below to schedule a time to talk.


Here’s to smooth sailing ahead!

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