Eleventh Month - Post Purchase

Settings Goals for the Next Year

We are coming up on your 1-year anniversary with the Trio Success Team! We’re thrilled to have you in our community and excited to see you progress through our program.


Let’s not stop the momentum now! Full steam ahead as you confirm your goals and secure your financial future!


How does one plan for the future? By assessing the Big 3!


  1. Life Events – what big things are happening in your life next year?  A wedding, new baby, starting college, retirement, or family trip are the kind of life events that will take time and money to handle.Make certain you identify and plan appropriately.


  1. Financial Health – how are your budget, savings, debt and credit score doing? Take an honest look at where you are and set specific goals for how your finances need to change.


  1. Support System – who is helping you achieve your goals?  Recruiting friends and family to support you and help you stay on track is essential to reaching your goals.


It’s a known fact that goals become habits with daily steps towards them. Make sure you’ve written your goals down and put them somewhere you can easily see them. It’s also good to share these with your support network. 


The best practice is to once a month review the steps you’ve taken and map out the next steps or adjustments you need to make.


“A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Ancient Chinese proverb

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