Second Month

Two months in and you are rocking it.  

Let’s check some updates to your progress:

  • First month's payment made on-time? Great!                                  

  • Enrolled in auto-pay? Even better!               

  • Prepared a budget? If not, then let's take a look together.

Now that you are in your home, let's take a moment to talk about the importance of a budget.

Learning how to effectively budget, plan, and manage your money is the single most important thing you will learn while being a Trio customer!

3 tips to help you budget successfully while being a Trio customer:


1.  Develop a budget where every dollar is accounted for each month.  Keep track on a simple spreadsheet or use one of the many electronic apps (like Mint). It's easy to spend a few dollars here & there that end up adding up to hundreds of dollars by the end of the month.


2. Start planning for big or unexpected purchases now.  Ensure you think ahead and set aside funds for big expenses like braces for your child or gifts for the Holidays.


3. Live by your calendar!  Know what expenses are set for which times of the month and ensure you match these with your payroll deposits.  This strategy will help you avoid costly bank fees.

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