First Month

Let's Move In!

Congratulations on signing your lease! We are excited to have you in the program and look forward to working with you over the next 24 months! Before moving in, there are a few key things to make sure to do:

  1. Make sure you receive a copy of your lease. This will be uploaded to your portal upon closing so you'll always have a copy in case it gets misplaced.

  2. Take time to work with your real estate agent to do a final walk through of your new home with you prior to closing (make sure to document critical items like water shut off locations).

  3. Be sure to make your first month’s lease payment no later than 5 days prior to closing. Making this payment late will likely delay your move in.

  4. After closing and your first payment is confirmed, you will receive your keys from your real estate agent. Once you have the keys, then you are all set to move in!

  5. After moving in make sure you’re set up in Trio’s payment portal.  We encourage you to set up auto payments to ensure your monthly payments are paid on time.

  6. Remember, it’s expensive to move.  Make sure you’ve allocated enough funds for your first month’s payment, HOA dues, utility setup, and any moving expenses you require.

If you think you may face some difficulties in making your first payment we would love to get you in contact with one of our servicing/counseling partners. Counselors are available to discuss any concerns, walk through potential missteps, or provide any other housing support needed and can be reached at 877-349-4447.


Before you move in, the team at MMI will be reaching out to you via phone to go over a few basics.  If you miss their call, please call 877-349-4447 to speak with a counselor.

Staying ahead of the trouble is key to not getting behind.

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