Ninth Month

Month 9 - Savings, Seasoning, and a Survey.


If you haven't done so already, it's time to start saving! Setting aside funds is a process that pays off the sooner that you begin. At this point, you should be allocating a certain amount of your monthly income to your savings goal and recording that on your monthly budget.

In addition to the obvious ways to save, there are some other non-traditional ways to save that most people don't think about:

  • Maintain and grow your home's market value. - Staying on top of repairs & taking care of your property is a great way to keep the home's value.

  • Improve your credit score - With a better score you will qualify for better loan interest rates, which can save you a lot of money over time.

  • Check out local down payment saving match programs - There's a lot of opportunities out there to receive additional down payment resources to help with the purchase of your dream home. Depending on your location there could be additional opportunities in your area.


Seasoning is the act of providing time to prove that either savings or your income is going to last and is not temporary.  Lenders want to know that your savings has been in your accounts for a while and not just transferred in overnight.  They also want to know that your income is stable. 


Lenders do this by reviewing multiple years of income and consecutive months of bank statements.  They look at average balances and large deposits to confirm the funds in the accounts don't have any signs of unusual activity.  If you have new income or a second job, they want to know that you can rely on this income source to make your payments.

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