Fifth Month

Five Months Goes by Fast.

How are you settling in? Let's take a look at keeping up with home maintenance.

Trio’s Home Care Guide posted to your portal provides all of the details, but it’s never a bad idea to go over the highlights.

First and foremost, review your home warranty. This warranty is included with your Trio lease and covers most of the major items in your home.

To remind you how maintenance works with Trio, lets review maintenance categories and the areas you, as a Trio customer, are responsible for:

  1. General maintenance is your responsibility - just like owning a home.  Check your follow up items noted in your home inspection and make sure to complete.

  2. If something stops working, like an A/C or appliance, call your warranty provider.  You are likely covered for the repair less the warranty service charge.  Review your warranty for details.

  3. For major damage to your home, contact Trio’s maintenance center as its likely covered by the hazard insurance policy.  

The team at MMI will be reaching out to you via phone to go over a few maintenance basics and help answer any questions.  If you miss their call, please call 877-349-4447 to speak with a counselor.

In all cases, reporting maintenance concerns is your responsibility.  As a general rule, the earlier the notice, the less costly the fix.

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