Twenty-Fourth Month

Working with your Lender and Closing Procedures

Well, 24 months of work is complete.  We are here for you as you work through the last months of your lease toward purchasing your home.


Now, to help you get ready to purchase, here are a few final tips on working with a lender and what to avoid before you are officially qualified to buy and take ownership.


  1. Keep up on your on-time monthly payments

  2. Don’t make any significant purchases

  3. Keep your balances low on your credit cards

  4. Maintain your home for lender appraisal to maximize value

  5. Save, save, save

  6. Know how much Trio home purchase assistance you have earned

  7. Start working with our lender early

  8. Fix any last minute credit issues

  9. Avoid changes in employment or career changes

  10. Keep cash in your bank accounts to backup any required down payment


On behalf of all of us at Trio and MMI, it has been our honor and pleasure to serve you in your homeownership journey. We are thrilled to see another community member on their way to becoming a home owner.  We look forward to staying connected with you during your last year of your lease or then again after you purchase.

Trio includes 12 months of additional counseling once you buy.  Your team at Trio and MMI are here to assist you on your path.  Call us anytime at 877-349-4447.

Congratulations for finishing our 24th month of counseling.  Nice work!

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