Twenty-Second Month

Last Checkpoint: Ready?

Are you excited? Nervous? Ready to purchase now? Or, wishing you had a few extra months?


This is an excellent time to have an honest talk with yourself and realize where you’re at in your home purchasing journey.


The goal of Trio and MMI is to help our customers thrive. Not just at purchasing a home, but also in life in general. While we are sure you’ve been keeping up with our program and finalizing all remaining items to move into a mortgage, we also know sometimes life happens.


If you’re feeling nervous or not quite ready, be sure to call your coach, and they will be happy to help you realign and find a plan to get you back on track - even that means extending your counseling time.


This is a big decision, and we want you to know you don’t have to do it alone. Let your counselor know your questions or concerns.


If you’re good to go - take a breath and look forward to next month where we will cover all the requirements of a mortgage.


Getting ready for you...

Want to book an appointment to get more details?

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