Eighteenth Month

Review Budget vs Goals

Goals are a powerful motivator that empower us to reach our bigger aspirations. They help us work towards something in the future, give us something to celebrate when we’ve reached them, and remind us what we choose today will make a difference tomorrow.


Overall, goals are the keys to hitting our long-term dreams.


However, let’s not get them confused with the weekly and monthly action steps of budgeting. Budgeting is not just a goal, but a tool that we must use in order to make our goals become reality.


While yes, we can factor goals into our budget - we should consider maintaining our budget as law, as an essential life requirement.


Planning is great! Doing is better. Think of budgeting as action and goals as vision.


And if you’re needing a reminder or a little motivation to get back into the budgeting habit, review your written budget. Better yet, sign up for Mint or Every Dollar and watch the money game every day from your own smartphone.

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