Thirteenth Month

What Does it Take to Qualify For a Mortgage?

We know time is valuable and completing our program is a commitment. You’re over halfway there and hopefully you’re feeling more confident in your home purchasing journey and overall financial understanding.


Talking about the home purchasing journey… it is time to start looking at your mortgage qualifiers and how you’re stacking up.


Credit goal:  660+ minimum FICO credit score

Income:  Documented income supported by pay stubs and tax returns for 2+ years

Savings:  Cash or investments equal to your down payment and closing costs

Housing History:  24 months of on-time payments on your Trio lease

No Big Gotchas:  3 years past any bankruptcy, housing event or big negative credit action

Purchase Assistance:  Pay your payments to Trio on time and earn down payment funds



Based on the above, do feel like you are on track to qualify for a mortgage? If not, reach out to us and we can connect you with the right resources.


If things are still a little fuzzy or you think you’re not going to qualify by the end of your lease, now is a good time to call your counselor or coach and discuss your concerns with them 877-349-4447.


We hope you’re reviewing those goals from last month!

Want to book an appointment to get more details?

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