Twelfth Month - Post Purchase


Well, 12 months of work is complete! We’ve discussed quite a bit over the last year so let’s take a minute to summarize the best practices.


  1. Keep up your on-time mortgage payments.

  2. Stick with your budget and don’t overspend furnishing your home.

  3. Maintain your home so that it continues to increase its value.

  4. Fix any home maintenance items while they are small.

  5. Know your credit score and take steps to improve it.

  6. Pay off or keep your balances low on your credit cards, ideally below 33% utilization.

  7. Save $500, then save $1,000, then save 3 months of expenses!

  8. Set goals that enable you to enjoy your life and live without financial stress.


Congratulations for finishing the Borrower Success program!  Even though we will not be making any more outreach attempts, we are still here for you! You can always write us at if you should run into any problems.

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